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So, I really don't show up on here much anymore.
I'll probably still post to GuDu every so often, but that's about it.
Feel free to follow me on Tumblr.
It would be awesome if you could drop me a line & let me know
who you are (your LJ username), especially you, GuDu members!

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i am such a sucker for complications, it isn’t even funny.
actually, it probably is from the outside.
at least, it will be in about a month.

but, this is exactly what i asked for.

i am so scared that i might be lying to myself.

oh gods, what if i get to then,
& find out it hurts?

it wasn’t ever supposed to hurt.


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So. Today. Things that did happen:

  • Got yelled at by a customer on the phone at 8:00a because I told her we could exchange the items she ruined, but no, I would not give her other items for free because she forgot them, & feels she’s entitled to compensation because it is inconvenient for her to fix her own damn mistake. She called me a dumb bitch & said I was obviously too stupid to help her. Oh, well, now that you insulted me, I will obviously be more willing to give you free shit? I’m doing all I can & being damn nice about it, lady. Chill out.
  • Some random dude (also at work) came up to me & told me it’s a shame I have such a pretty face, because my hair is fucking disgusting, & how could I ever do something so ugly? Then he proceeds to ask me questions like a normal customer. Um, how about you go fuck yourself?
  • Finally, work done, run into the Sprint store to get my contacts transferred to my new phone. Waiting…waiting…waiting… then Sir Creepster McDouchebag walks by, mumbling something to the effect of “ohh yeah baby, look at that ass! mmm-mmm!” & then proceeds to ask if I “have any more tattoos & piercings under dem clothes” & if he can have “yuh digits baby gurl”. Dear Asshat, Please Go Die. Do lines like that actually work on some girls?

What didn’t happen:

  • My much anticipated late afternoon/night beach rendezvous with my favourite beach bunny & anti-dreadie. Because it was late, randomly overcast/rainy by the time I got home, & I was tired, cranky, needed a shower, & BLEH.

But then Jason bought us pizza & we watched Hellboy, so I guess the day wasn’t a total waste.


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i keep trying to be productive with my days, but ultimately i just keep spending hours looking at a tumblr dedicated to pornographic gifs.

oh, procrastination & sex.

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i've decided against another facial piercing.

i am kind of sort of considering piercing my nipples, though.
maybe. i don't know why. maybe not. maybe. shite.

i really just want a few more tattoos. substantial ones.


actually, today was totally fine, even with the silence.
at least, i didn't find it awkward. but still.
now i'm all awake & conversational-y, & there's no one here.

i don't have cancer & might have college funding?

So, my godfather, Rich (my dad's best friend since they were kids), is evidently in town from Maryland. He was out fishing with dad, today. So they just pulled in the driveway, came inside, & said hi. Now, I haven't seen Rich in a few years, but instead of having five seconds to talk after a hug, mum drags me into the light, hands Rich a magnifying glass, & makes him check out this little black spot on my back & a mole I've had forever (he's a rather prestigious dermatologist). Classy. Five minutes later, he says he's 99% positive they're completely benign, & a biopsy wouldn't be worth the scar. Then he has to leave. But first, he kicks my parents out, saying he needs to talk to me privately for a moment.

He says, "If you ever need money for starting up, for going to school, with anything- you just let me know. Your dad has my information, just call me. Call me. We should talk."

Hugs me, & leaves. Just like that.


My rich godfather wants to help me pay for college.
Do I politely decline, to save face for my parents & their pride?
Or accept because oh my goodness, if I go to school I need the money, & that's amazing?
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Crashed at Pete's casa for the weekend. Saturday was spent camped out on Longport beach. Got more colour than intended but didn't burn, yeehah! Jellyfish with bodies the size of my head (including dreads), got pinched on the foot when I stepped on a crab, & the boys think they saw a skate. A little too much harmful wildlife for me to be comfortable in the water.  When you walk out, the sand beneath the waves randomly drops anywhere from 6 to 18 inches, then raises again, so with each step you're allover the place. Eh. But otherwise lovely.

Back to Pete's later to play with ferrets, meet some friends of his, watch movies & eat pizza. Crashed again, awesome thunderstorm in the morning. I figured I should probably show my face at my own house this weekend, so I came home around eleven this morning.

Got my shower out of the way (I swear, if it weren't for shaving, I wouldn't shower in the summer. That's what the ocean is for). My throat is kind of sore for whatever reason. I'm assuming it's allergy related- something in zee Castle always makes me itchy. Maybe just dehydration from beach baking. Anyway. Ordered two new bikinis & a copy of the original Peter Pan from online in the past week, soo excited!

Side note: Kristen called Jaimie last night & had her pass the phone to me for "exciting news", which is that there are only FIVE Peter Pan statues in the world, & one of them is in Camden! So we are going to take a trip up to the park to see it, because Peter Pan = LOVE.

Related side note on the side note: I'm thinking of getting a Pan tattoo (shoulder blade), most likely the phrase "Second Star to the Right & Straight on til Morning" (even though that's from the play/movie, & not the original books), or a variation of "To Die Would be an Awfully Big Adventure". Because I think people would misinterpret that phrase easily, I may change "die" to "live" or "love". Just ideas floating around. I really want my chest peice done. Like, now. I'll have to ask Will the best way to get in contact with his artist (as he works from his home), because I looooooove his work & really don't want anyone else to do this piece. If I haven't mentioned this on LJ yet, I want an open book on my chest- like the old fashioned, leather-bound, gilded type, just lying open right between my breasts & collarbone. No text, just the book. maybe a few closed books piled underneath. I'm not sure. I want to discuss it with Unruh & see what he comes up with. I also think I'll get the chapter stars from HP on my shoulders as a related piece.

Anywayanywayanyhow. It is time for gratuitous amounts of lotion (I need to go the store & get more Aveeno, too /random), foodstuffs because hungryyyy, & then I'm probably going to veg inside all day playing video games because A) I have not played enough games lately, & B) I should give my skin a break from the sun because I plan on being in it all day tomorrow, too. Or, at least, most of the day. This is highly dependent on what time I can convince Will to drag himself out of bed & come over so we can beach it. Hoping this time will be more rewarding, because damn.

Sooo...cha. Over & out.
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today actually turned out okay.

so why do i feel so damn frustrated right now?

side note:
i think i maybe need to clarify a few things.
or something. fuck. i don't know.

salt water makes my hair feel so nice.