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happiness hit her like a bullet in the brain

the road goes ever on and on


{ wear }

i love run-on sentences.
i prefer the aesthetics of using an ampersand in place of the word "and".
i am selective in my use of capitalization.
i believe the perfect home is a tree fort, & ferrets are the best invention ever.
i enjoy the words "juxtapose" & "quixotic".
i take too many pictures.
i am excessively shy & quiet sometimes, & excessively loud & aggressive at others.
i am an aquarius to a t.
i touch my hair constantly.
fiction is my first true love.
i like sex & swearing like a sailor & hot tea & bruises & roses & physical contact & the colour green.
i secretly love & respect my family very much.
if i make you uncomfortable, you probably aren't the kind of person i would care enough about to stop doing so.
i can be impulsive to a fault, but responsible when it matters.
my primary goal in life is to live & be happy.
i'm comfortable with hedonism as a means to that end.

this is the latest version of my digitally enhanced existence.